There is a tool provided by GoUltraLow, namely the Local Incentives Tool. Access to this tool is available: Go Ultra Low - Local Incentives Tool. We suggest first checking to see if your local authority has listed their preference for 'Residential EV Charging'. There is a few options, either it is planned or in progress, being considered or they have outright decided against the proposal of residental EV charging. If GoUltraLow has approached the local authority for a response, they usually provide an easily accessible contact email address within the local council.

Unfortunately, if a local authority has decided against the idea it would require constituents locally to request they re-consider. Use of a tool, such as StreetCharge Map can be used as evidence of the requirement or suggestion for additional charging infrastructure before approaching your local MP and/or Council.

If you're unsure which local authority/council you currently fall under, the website is available: Find your local Council

If you're unsure who your local MP is, this information is readily available using TheyWorkForYou's tool: MP Search